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MagBead Workstation

The Industry Solution for magnetic bead agitation and separation…

The WGE Laboratory Solutions MagBead Workstation (TM) provides an easy to use platform for tightly controlling the agitation and magnetic separation of magnetic micro beads in a 96- well format. Both the agitation and separation blocks are temperature controlled and independently configurable to provide maximum flexibility and reproducibility for your assays. The counterbalanced agitator has an extremely versatile control which enables both the speed and the acceleration of agitation to ensure your process can be optimally configured and more importantly, easily reproduced; all while not shaking the rest of your bench. The Magnetic Separator utilizes tuned magnetic fields to pull beads to a specific point on the side of each well, enabling complete removal of the liquid from each and every well, maximizing yields. This workstation provides you with the easiest, most cost effective means for your magnetic bead separations.


The MagBead Workstation was designed in conjunction with the research at SomaLogic Inc. for use in their labs.  Early in the development of their assays, they saw the need for a robust temperature controlled platform for doing several key parts of their assay.  After extensive research, even to the point of purchasing an expensive, semi-automated system,  they determined that no such apparatus existed, and in collaboration with Wild Goose Engineering developed the MagBead Workstation.

We designed with ease of use as a primary requirement, along with robust componentry on the inside to make a reliable platform.  The Magbead has undergone extensive design revisions, finally arriving at the current configuration.     Since then we are proud to say we have had 10 systems in place in the US and Asia for almost two years.